Edward Dore and James Carter are bound to pay Richard Hale 30 pounds. Dated July 2 1588.


Manuscript on vellum, 28½ x 8 cm.; two seals; one side written in English and the reverse in Latin (English displayed here)
Columbia RBML SMITH, DE Documents 1588 Hale, Richard

Transcription of the English
The condiconn of this obligaconn is suche that if the winthinbounden Edwarde Dore and James/ Carter their executors administrators or assignes or anye of them doo well and trulye/ content and paie or cause to be paide to the within named Richarde Hale his executors/ administrators or assignes the somme of Thirtye poundes of laufull money of England/ on the ffower and twentithe daie of June whiich shalbe in the yere of owre lorde god/ one thowsande ffyve hundred foure score and twelve. At the newe dwellinge house,/ of the saide Richarde Hale sett and beinge in the poultreye of london without fraude or/ longer delaye. That then this pute obligacon shalbe voide and of none effecte. orells/ yt shall stande and abide in full strengthe and vertue.