Forms of Early Modern Writing

A Conference and Exhibition

April 25, 2008

Butler Library

Columbia University

9:00--Opening Remarks
Michael Ryan Columbia University
Alan Stewart Columbia University

Alan Farmer Ohio State University: "Forms of News: Printed Newsbooks and the Politics of the Thirty Years' War in England" (abstract)
exhibit: News pamphlets from the Thirty Years’ War

Zachary Lesser University of Pennsylvania: "Shakespeare's Crown and Globe (Bookshops)" (abstract)
exhibit: Simon Waterson’s Bookshop

Benedict Robinson SUNY Stony Brook (Chair)

Amanda Bailey University of Connecticut, Storrs: "Reading the Hand of Human Capital" (abstract)
exhibit: Bonds

Shankar Raman Massachusetts Institute of Technology: "Specifying the Unknown" (abstract)
exhibit: Textbooks of Mathematics

Henry Turner Rutgers University, New Brunswick (Chair)

Hannibal Hamlin Ohio State University: "The Geneva Bible as Bible for Dummies" (abstract)
exhibit: Bibles

Heather James University of Southern California: "Commonplaces, Inventories, and the Forms of Authorship" (abstract)
exhibit: Printed Collections of sententiae -

Tanya Pollard CUNY Brooklyn: "Translating Greek Drama: Schoolbooks and Popular Theater in Early Modern England" (abstract)
exhibit: Classics in Textbooks

Adam Zucker University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Chair)

Keynote Lecture

Peter Stallybrass

University of Pennsylvania

"Making Commonplaces in English Printed Books" (abstract)
exhibit: Playbooks with commonplace markers

Molly Murray Columbia University (Chair)